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Translating Tella

Language accessibility is one of our priorities, so we work hard to make Tella available in languages spoken by communities who express the need for Tella.

Currently, Tella Android and iOS are available (partially or in full) in:

  1. Arabic
  2. Belarusian
  3. Burmese
  4. English
  5. Indonesian
  6. Jingpho
  7. Kannada
  8. Karen Sgaw
  9. Malayalam
  10. Portuguese
  11. Russian
  12. Spanish (Latin America)
  13. Tamil
  14. Kurdish
  15. Persian

Video Tutorials have subtitles in Spanish, Arabic, Swahili and French.

Unfortunately, we don't always have the capacity or resources to keep all translations up to date and would love your support!

If you wish to contribute to the translation of Tella, join us here. If you want us to add a new language, send us an email: