[Out-of-date] Releases/changelogs
This page summarizes the main changes to Tella for Android


Tella 1.7 -- 10 January 2021

  • New languages: Burmese, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada
  • Select your preferred resolution when recording a video
  • A new grid in the camera helps you compose the best photos.

Tella 1.5 -- 25 May 2019

  • The audio recording screen never sleeps
  • Refreshed camera design
  • Removed homescreen camera preview
  • More transparency and control on file submission: progress bar for file uploads, and decide which file to send immediately and which to save for later sending
  • New form interface to attach files faster
  • Users who don't use the Collect feature can disable it to hide the homescreen button

Tella 1.4 -- 30 March 2019

  • A new offline mode allows users to collect data without having to worry about internet connectivity. All forms are saved for later submission.
  • More transparency on the submission of forms: users can send attachments separately from the form, and decide which attachment to send. This is particularly useful when internet connectivity is spotty.
  • New user interface for the app's settings, for clearer navigation.
  • Given Google's new privacy policy preventing the sending of SMS, the Panic Button was changed to a Quick Exit button, which wipes data and deletes the app.
  • Bug fixes and improvements.

Tella 1.3 -- 19 March 2019

  • Bug fixes and improvements

Tella 1.2 -- 13 February 2019

  • Form admins can make it so that attaching a photo or video to a form also automatically attaches the file's geolocation metadata to the form. This means admins can see on the map where all the verified photos and videos were taken.
  • New drop-down appearance for multiple choice questions. This greatly improves the user experience when several questions are on the same screen.
  • Bug fixes and improvements

Tella 1.1 -- 3 February 2019

  • Tella now captures the metadata for photos and videos taken in Tella (in previous versions, it was only for photos and videos taken on the device's default camera app)
  • New camouflage options: calculator and weather app appearances
  • Bug fixes

Tella 1.0 -- 30 January 2019

First release of Tella! This version includes:
  • Encryption of all files in Tella
  • Camouflage to change the name and icon of the app
  • Verifiability, with external metadata collection for photos and videos captured on the device's default camera app (the metadata can be visualized by searching the device's files or importing the file into Tella)
  • Panic Button slider to alert trusted contacts and erase sensitive data in emergency situations
  • Data collection by linking to compatible servers to receive, fill and submit forms