File management
Tella allows users to manage files and folders in a similar way they would do on a computer. All files and folders are encrypted and only accessible within Tella.
In Tella, users can:
  • Store any file, including photos, videos, audio files, and documents.
  • Create folders and subfolders.
  • Move files into folders and from one folder to another.
  • Export files to their device. Once saved on their device outside of Tella, files are no longer encrypted and can be accessed by anyone searching the device.
  • Import files from their device. Files are automatically encrypted when imported into Tella.
WARNING: importing files makes a copy of the files into Tella. This means that the original files are still present on the device, outside of Tella. To remove any trace of the files outside of Tella, users must first import the files into Tella and then manually delete the original files.
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