Data collection
Users working with an organization can collect data directly in Tella, keep the data protected within the app, and send it to their organizations.
Tella supports two methods to collect data:
  • Users can record photos, videos, and audio files using Tella's camera and audio recorder, and share those files through third-party apps like WhatsApp, Signal, or Google Drive.
  • Users can fill and submit forms, answering the specific questions needed based on the documentation needs of their organization. Forms can include a variety of questions and fields, including text, numbers, multiple-choice, photo, video, and audio attachments. , to document events they are witnessing. The organization decides which method is most appropriate to their needs and capacity: receiving the files through a third-party app like WhatsApp or Signal; or using forms get ask questions about the specific data they need (see Choosing the right documentation method).
Previous Tella deployments where on-the-ground users collect data and sent it to an organization have ranged between 1 and 2,000 users.
Tella includes an "Offline Mode" for users who are collecting data in remote areas with limited or no internet connection. When Offline Mode is activated, all data is saved on the app and and users can submit it easily when they reach an internet connection.
If you are an organization and would like to use Tella for data collection, feel free to contact us at [email protected] to request additional information, technical or strategic support, or new features.
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