In order to protect the data produced and shared through Tella, the application and its content can be hidden on the user's device. This means that an individual searching the device will not see the Tella name and icon, and instead see an app that doesn't raise suspicions.
The user has two methods of camouflaging available:
  • The app's icon can be changed to a seemingly harmless one, such as a weather app or a camera. When the user taps the icon, Tella opens and asks for the lock.
  • Tella can be hidden behind a fully functional calculator app. This is only available if the user's lock is a PIN. Once set up, the user enters their PIN into the calculator followed by = and Tella will open.
WARNING: the name "Tella" and its icon will remain visible in the Android settings. This means that camouflage will not protect against an individual actively looking for Tella or conducting an in-depth analysis of the device. This is a good protection against superficial searches of the user's device, avoiding to raise suspicions if an individual is quickly searching for incriminating evidence.
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